Monday, September 10, 2012

Self-perception & Self-deception

Because of the initial sin of Adam and Eve (and the ensuing sin nature of all mankind) our perception of reality is tainted heavily because of our inherent lens of self. Without the sovereign help of the Creator, our metanarrative-derived identity markers (how we see ourselves in terms of gender, physique, ethnicity, religion, age, status, occupation, etc.) are off-kilter. And this smoggy self perception regarding our identity and individuality is one of the primary variables in life that colors everything we see and hear. Everything. 


  1. This lens of self with the possibility of knowing good and evil allows us to try to sculpt our own identities based our perceived life story, and our longing for something more meaningful.

  2. Yes, Mark. How true. Thanks for these comments/insights.

    I am reminded that perceived identity is derived from not only our personal life story (as seen through our own personal, skewed grid), but through the communal, national, and ethnic 'life story" grid as well.

    I like your "our longing for something more meaningful" emphasis - certainly an aspect of natural theology placed within every human heart.

    Trust your studies are going well.