Saturday, August 11, 2018

Story: Function, Form, and Features

The function of story is:
1) Communicative -- it is how we talk to each other
2) Locative -- it is what we live in, we live in a metanarrative
3) Formative -- it forms our way of thinking and acting
4) Emotive -- it evokes our feelings, our emotions

The form of story is:
Beginning, Middle, and End (according to Aristotle)

The features of story are: 
Character, Setting, and Plot                                        I

Friday, August 10, 2018

Propositions & Poetry; Story & Power

Propositions and poetry do indeed communicate with power. Absolutely. But that power is only on loan to them from their fountainhead, story. Any life-blood the twins proposition and poetry inherently possess comes to them directly from the very heart of a grand story or metanarrative. Take away that story and you take away, not only the power, but any sense of meaning or life whatsoever. State any proposition -- with all its boldness and bluntness. The proposition means nothing outside of story. Read any poetry -- with all its word pictures and figures of speech. The poem means nothing outside of story. Such is the power and place of story in communication.