Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Orality & Eavesdropping on the Trinity

            Confession time: when no one is around I sometimes talk to myself – out loud. I would hate to think someone might be eavesdropping in on some of those super private conversations. The eavesdropper might be inclined to think it was time I was relegated to one of those “special homes”.
            Imagine with me, however, if we could eavesdrop (in eternity past – long before the “in the beginning” of Genesis 1:1) on the Trinity as God talks to himself/themselves. What would we see or hear in terms of God’s internal and eternal communication method? I believe we would all likely agree that we would not see the Trinity writing and passing notes to each other. They would not be using literacy as their means of communication. For starters there is nothing except God; so that leaves out pencils, pens, digital writing sticks, paper, and print outs. No, we would not see reading and writing; they are ruled out. But might we hear something. Would we hear some totally foreign language? Would we hear strange unintelligible holy sounding dialogues? Would we hear three distinct voices: the majestic baritone voice of the Father, the common very-human sounding voice of the Son, and the soft comforting voice of the Holy Spirit? Whereas, we might be inclined to tacitly think the Trinity would be talking to themselves in the kind of orality we are privy to this side of Genesis 1:1, such a thing would be just as out of the question as the passing of written notes. For, once again, there is only God. There is nothing outside of God. There is no air, no sound waves. Not to mention there are no mouths, no tongues, no lungs to aspirate consonants. In fact, there are no consonants. And there are no ears with all those intricate components to pick up on the vibration that do not exist from the sound waves that also do not exist.

            It is true, the Trinity communicates constantly with each member therein, but not through literacy and not through orality. These two communication methods came about, along with time and space, when everything other than God came into being. Orality, along with literacy, is not eternal. It had a beginning - a rather grandious beginning.

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