Friday, January 23, 2015

Synchronic Trumping Diachronic?

A synchronic scene (a small part of an episode or story) does not trump a diachronic story. Not in the real world. Ah, but you might say, “Look at the power of a single short tweet on twitter. Look at the potential of a single post on facebook. Look at the sway of a thirty second commercial during a Super Bowl.” Hmm, can it be? Are we in North America headed in the direction where a synchronal scene trumps a diachronal depiction of reality? If so, then our culture is entering into a fantasy world that qualifies as the supreme titleholder of fickleness. We would be living in the very opposite of the real world – it would be a world that is every bit as unreal as little blue men on the moon eating feta cheese (I hope I’ve not unforgivenly offended anyone who has strong feelings concerning little blue men, the moon, or feta cheese.) in such a world there would be no meaning – absolutely none. There would be only absurdity. And the absurdity would be continually morphing – keeping pace with the ever-changing synchronic happenings (scenes, tweets, posts, thirty-second commercials) – sinking deeper into the black hole of absurdness. If this is, indeed, where we are (or are headed)…may God have mercy on us. There is no other hope. None.

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