Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Story Replacement – No Small Thing

A comprehensive, diachronic metanarrative is not replaced by a single, synchronic episode. A single episode does not (cannot) replace a metanarrative; metanarratives (that is, a string of episodes) replace metanarratives. Metanarratives are too ingrained, too powerful, too embedded, and too bulky to be replaced by a single event. In order to get at true meaning, any lived-in rival metanarrative (that is, rival to God's true metanarrative) must be replaced or temporarily ignored. A rival metanarrative will not be replaced by a single episode; it can, however, be replaced by a competing, comprehensive, deemed-greater string of stories. Since this is true (or, if this is true – for those less convinced) the implications are huge.

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