Friday, July 20, 2012

Tacit Assumptions – Tacit Interpretation

A person living in some rival story (that is, rival to God's view of reality) develops from the stories and experiences of life a view of one’s self as a human being. Some of these perceptions about oneself are discernable by the individual; things like gender, race, shape, and certain personality characteristics. But the rival metanarrative also gives rise to many tacit assumptions about self – unstated and implicit suppositions dealing with issues such as an innate sense of inferiority or superiority, helplessness or resourcefulness, dependence or independence, and temporal or eternal. The rival metanarrative forms these identity assumptions, which intertwine with each other and with all the other assumptions concerning every other aspect of life; and subsequently it is through this comprehensive and holistic grid of assumptions that the world (including all texts) is interacted with and interpreted.

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